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Discussion in 'Boba Fett Costume' started by MasterBlaster23, May 16, 2018.

  1. MasterBlaster23

    MasterBlaster23 New Member

    Earlier this year I purchased a ROTJ lot for my father in law. It had just about everything needed to complete the build. Im painting all the armor and thinking ahead to weathering the soft parts in the next couple of weeks. When I pulled them out I'm starting to question if this for ROTJ or if it is meant for ESB. Seeing if I can get some feedback from the group? The original supplier is Boba Maker. Just want to make sure that maybe the person I bought it from received the incorrect version. I appreciate any feedback. Last photo is taken with the flash. 20180516_225310.jpg 20180516_225322.jpg 20180516_225342.jpg 20180516_230123.jpg
  2. Brokk

    Brokk Jr Member

    For sure looks like ROTJ given the spats & cape.
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  3. bobawomble

    bobawomble New Member

    It all Looks very grand to me ! But seeing as I've used a old flight suit from the army surpluses junk bin and had pockets sewn on and sleeve folds added and a crazy paint spasm to weather it all what would I know ? o_O
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  4. MasterBlaster23

    MasterBlaster23 New Member

    Thanks for the reply. I was getting nervous that the color of the suit itself resembled the ESB version too much.
  5. Drax

    Drax Member

    To accurately judge the color you might want to take some photos in direct sunlight and see how it looks. ROTJ is much lighter than ESB but it still looks right based on the flash and no flash photos. It is the ROTJ style though with the spats and cape like previously mentioned. Also the hip pouches are correct for ROTJ.
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  6. intwenothor

    intwenothor Active Member

    This is BM's ROTJ flightsuit 100%. His ESB suit is absolutely blue and couldn't possibly be mistaken for grey or blue grey, whether using a flash or not. The flightsuit in my picture showsmthe BM blie ESB suit. The spats and other accessory soft parts also look to be Jedi parts; ESB has ankle ties and not spats, ESB additional pockets are the same blue as the flight suit and not the light colour you have etc etc. You have his ROTJ setup.

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  7. MasterBlaster23

    MasterBlaster23 New Member

    Thank you for the feedback and showing yours. Definitely gave me the piece of mind that I can move forward with weathering on the correct flight suit. Thanks again!!
  8. MasterBlaster23

    MasterBlaster23 New Member

    Very helpful, thank you!
  9. MasterBlaster23

    MasterBlaster23 New Member

    Thank you everyone who jumped in and shared your expertise on the subject. Moving on to weather this thing now that I know it's the correct one. THANK YOU!!!!

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