Cooling ribs on ROTJ blaster barrel help!


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Please help! I'm making a ROTJ blaster from scratch. I can't find anything to make the ribs with. They appear to be 3/8"-1/2" plastic T-bar you would find at a hobbie shop. So far I can only find 1/4" and that's too small. Anyone know of a good source to find this item? Thanks (y)


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You could make a mould of one of the wiper blades then make resin copies. It will take about .5kg of pour in RTV silicone.

Good luck


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AFettFullofDollars said:
I believe the actual item used for the movie prop cooling vanes were windshield wiper blades.

That's what everyone thought they were. According to the Insider the ones on the trooper blasters were plastic t-track from a sliding door. If Fett's are different then who knows. But they do look to be the same as the trooper guns.


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I think Ill go pick some T-bar up......I cant afford windsheild wipers, mabey I could just hang around in the Wal-Mart parking lot and "borrow" some.:lol: