Conecting the gun to the stock


New Hunter
I've found a cap gun that should work well for my esb gun and i think i'm going to be making a wood stock, my question is...

What are you guys using as the U-shaped part that connects the gun handle to the stock?

thank, GC
my old neighbour works in metal processing and stuff, so when I said what I wanted and what it was for and gave him a template, he made mine out of 3mm thick aluminium, doesn't bend, and is paintable.

I first made one out of plexi-glas, and it hold the gun together, but it was extremely fragile.
ok thanks guys, I just called a few sign shops around here and found one that's willing to sell me some sintra, but I think I will see about getting the part cut in metal... I'll let you know how it turns out.

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