color of the visor....correct one or more "functional"

From what I recall reading in other posts by those more knowledgable than me, I understand that Dark green is accurate for ESB and black is accurate for RoTJ. Not sure about pre-pro.

Guys, is that about right? any one know about prepro?

I don't think the green is accurate for the ROTJ, but you know, from the outside, no one will be able to tell.
The Jedi helmet has a smoke tinted visor, and the ESB helmet has a green tinted one. I have had both and could see just about the same through both, although I personally prefer the green myself.
If any of the guys who went to the Star Wars Exibits (besides, they took a lot of pics for the ref. CD) could tell or noticed if the lenses are green or black...Please let us know.
ESB Helmet is green. RoTJ is smoked/black.

That info is straight from all the MoM and AoSW exhibit photos.

Edit- It's pretty difficult to tell what color the prepro visor was-- maybe smoked/black, but don't quote me on it.
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