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Hi all,

As some of you know, I'll be a doing a custom Mandalore BH with a color mix of:

- OD Green Flightsuit
- Matt Black Battle Damaged/Weathered Armor: Collar, Front, Back, Gauntlets and Shin Armor
- Blood Red Battle Damaged/Weathered Shoulder Bells & Knee Armor?
- Black Boots

Here is my question. What color holster [single drop down rig type] AKA ammo pouch belt would go well with the above mix? I'd thought I'd stick with standard brown leather...just a little worried the colors might not mix well.

Please LMK what you think and thanks for the personal opinions and feedback.

Stay safe.
Black goes with everything. And since boba and jango had brown it would be more customized if it was black. Just some ideas to think about.
Thanks for the personal opinions fellow hunters. I really appreciate it.

Looks like I gotta see which color I like best...or hell, maybe just I should just get both colors done up. :D
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