Collar w/damage pics

trooper rushmore

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I would like some feed back on my damage effects. The black really stands out on these pictures more than in regular lighting. Under normal light you have to be pretty close to even see the black marks, knowing this what do you think of my effects?



IT is a nice effect and good battle damage. before any feedback I will ask how close to screen accurate are you going for?
I used Bondo to make a little more texture then base of black primer then Chrome. Applied mustard over chrome then dark grey spray. More mustard and dull yellow spray. Again more mustard and then spruce green spray. Then I used some aluminum model paint on brush to dull the chrome in spots. Finally I used a mixture of charcole green and black on brush to apply burn marks and then washed them dull with air brush thinner on a clean brush and blotted dry with sponge. The flash on my camera really keeps the lighter shades from showing, in normal lighting the burn marks are actually pretty light and you have to be close to see the details. 8)
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