Cold Cast Polishing


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What should I use to get a good polish on my cold cast parts from MS? I sanded them down with the 600 grit and then hit them with Never Dull but the result is still not very metalic. :confused
I used wetsand paper, went from 220 to 1200 grit sanding in one direction only. I then did 1200 grit again with Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish, then polished again with a soft rag. It wasn't a perfect aluminum finish, but it's the best I could get. I would suggest not using a clearcoat, that may actually dull it down.
I've had disapointing results with everything other than wire wool, working with the 0000 grade in one direction seems to give good results...Oh and remember that it will oxidise with time so i suppose some sort of laquer will be required...
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