Cold cast Boba helmet?

Has anyone ever tried to do a cold cast resin Boba helmet? I know FP has a cold cast Jango that looks amazing, and MS has the cold cast ear caps for his MS3 buckets that look great too. What sparks my interest is the real metal finish that cold cast products offer.

The reason I ask is becasue with all of the weathering and damage on either of the two versons of Boba's helmet, it would be neat if the damage showing underneath the paint was real metal shine instead of an extra layer of paint. I don't know from experience but it would seem like the scratches would look that much more natural without layers upon layers of paint. Just curious


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i cant say enough good things about that bucket... if ever there was a more user friendly bucket out there, I have yet to see it.

TFs a great guy to boot! :)
As I read through the original thread I think TF used both resin and fiberglass with a gel coat on the inside to make it smooth and add reinforcement. It would seem that with both it should be a strong bucket. Not that I would ever plan on dropping it just to find out.