Chest pieces differences




I have been doing some overlaying with the images from the cdref using various angles of the chest pieces. I have come to the conclusion that the two larger upper chest pieces are not mirror images of each other. Maybe this is a big DUH on my part, but have any of you come acrossed this?

Also, the center chest piece that is shaped like a diamond doesn't have equal distance between the top of the square to the top point compared to the bottom of the square to the bottom point.

Or am I just being too anal? ;)
There's no such thing as being too anal on this board! :)

And yes, you're absolutely correct. In fact, to go one step further, I think you'll find that almost EVERYTHING on Fett (or most props for that matter) are not symmetrical. The ESB Helmet, for example, has a nice little wave in the upper part of the "brow" of the helmet.

You'll probably see that if you created them symmetrically, it would in fact look pretty odd!

Yes you guys are correct about this ,nothing on BOBA FETTS armor is lined up perfect. I have tried a couple of attemps on my chest armor by trying to make them perfectly lined up and the results are not the same as the original ones.
but ... always exist a "but" :D
i make my chest armor only with one pattern, and if you put the left side by side the right looks good :)
<img src=>
well this is the wip status of my actual armor, i just add more curvature and other details, but the thing is this are symmetrical
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