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My opinion is that the chest emblem is nothing more that a paper sticker. Dustin Crops Boy used one of my MoM pics to create a printable graphic of the emblem. Here is a scaled down version of the real emblem (left) and DCB's graphic (right).


Here is a link to the full sized graphic that DCB made:

Here is a link to DCB's full sized graphic after I weathered it a bit:

Feel free to use these for your armor if you would like.
Like the upside down "F" shape on the knees, there is a cursive capital "F" in the emblem. And everyone knows that before the Mandalores discovered space travel...they were an agricultural race, similar to the Irish, who farmed a wheat-like substance for food. The red drop is a drop of blood.

I have spoken.


BH2372 wrote:

so does anyone know what this logo is supposed to mean ?
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I couldn't find my old post, but this is what I found about the "wheat", it might be a...

"The laurel wreath about the shield was the emblem of its triumphs."

That is the insignia of the "1st Division".

Oh, and telecasters suck!


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