Check out my new gauntlet missle!!


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Isn't she a beauty! :love

PSberetta made this one to my specs! The man is a whiz with metal! (y)

And yes, that is a copper tip! :)

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I gotta agree with ya ripcode! Tim (psberetta) is a whiz with aluminum. True works of art!:cheers
I bought a missle & ESB flamethrower and I just got my alum collar studs from him yesterday.(y)
Awesome stuff!!!


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Rip's missle is number one of two. The other one won't leave town, (without me :lol:).
That copper is a nasty, gummy mess to work with.
They do look awesome.
Killer idea Rip........killer (y).



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:eek: Was wondering when you were going to unveil her.......................SHOW OFF!!! (in my jealous girly tone):(
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