Cheaper to build, or buy?


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Prior to joining TDH, I ordered some pouches, vest and neckseal from someone on etsy, they too were selling Fett flighsuits, but I did not buy the flightsuit.
Post TDH, I picked up a 2nd hand flightsuit, pouches and neckseal made by Arkady... Arkady's far outweighs the stuff I got from etsy from material to color and all.

Don't get me wrong, the etsy stuff was cool at first and would have done fine, and I was jazzed about it when I first got it. But man, Arkady's set was great.
I got Arkady vest and seal supposed to be here tomorrow!!!


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Also, your story sounds similar to how I started. I was going to just buy a good flightsuit and build the rest myself. Here I am, 3.5 years later and a couple (few?) thousand dollars poorer and I'm still upgrading my Boba. It's a slippery slope. Good luck.