Cheap Radio Shack Voice amp.


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I use this amp on both my trooper and Fett. In the trooper I use it with aerator speakers and woorks great. With fett I put it in one of the side pouches and it does a fairly good job there. 100% better than no amp at all.
With this amp you have to use a powered mic for it to work. I made my own by taking a regular mic and adding 2 AA batteries in series with one of the mic leads.
Hey Cal196,

I had one of those cheap radioshack amps for my Fett and I personally didn't like the sound that it produced. I would recommend looking into another set-up.

As for TK armor, I wouldn't use the radioshack amp either. I use the skullworx unit. This is by far, one of the best set-ups and I really enjoy it.

By the way Cal, your Fett looks great!
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Thanks, and I think your right. I couldnt get that thing to work so I took it back. I'll probably just order a RS at some point. They are really loud.