Cheap and easy to make gauntlet darts tutorial.


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I had some people ask me about making a tutorial on how I made my gauntlet darts, so I did. If you have any questions just let me know. I'll probably put it up on my web site too, but for now here it is

What you will need.
 3/16” Dow rod
 A few Q-tips or other type of cotton swab
 A drill bit about the same size as the chosen cotton swab stick
 A hand held pencil sharpener (so you can adjust the sharpening angle)
 A sharp hobby knife
 A flat needle file
 Superglue or other suitable adhesive (I used super glue gel for assembly)
 Patience
 *Optional* Super glue accelerator (so you don’t have to wait for glue to dry)

The first step is probably the most difficult, and it is even easy to do. Place the Dow rod into the pencil sharpener at the desired angle and twist away. You may have to try it a few times until you find an angle that suits you. Once you are happy with it take the side of your file, as it sawing the rod in two, and start making the groove or grooves just a little below where the angle for the point starts. Remember to turn the rod while filing to get it as even as you can and do not file too deep, start slow. When that is done drop down a little below that and cut it off with the hobby knife, again not to quick, just go around the rod several times until it comes off easily. Repeat this for each dart.

Once all the tips are finished, you can start on the shaft. Keep in mind your desired overall length. Simply cut the sticks from the cotton swabs to your desired lengths, one for each dart. Also, cut some pieces from the Dow rod to your desired length.

After you have all the individual parts cut out, use the drill bit to make a small indentation in the bottom of each tip and the top of each base. This creates a place for the cotton swab stick to set. With this done you are ready for final assembly.

Place a bit of glue in the indentations and set the cotton swab stick in place and allow parts to dry. *Optional method* Spray the indentions of tip and the base with the accelerator. Place the glue on the end of the cotton swab stick and then set into place in the indentations.

To finish them off I coated them all over with liquid super glue to kind of seal every thing. Then I primed, painted and weathered.

There you have it cheap and easy gauntlet darts.
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Sorry if I put this in the wrong place Mods.

Here are some pics I took. Sorry they're blurry.

Dart making parts.JPG

Dart Parts.JPG

Dart Assembled 2.JPG
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