Carefully re-done shoulder bells


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I painted my shoulder bells up quite awhile back. I used pumpkin orange base and sunflower yellow misting over top. Then I did the damage, scuffs, weathering, etc. At the time I was very happy with them, but of course, the more time you spend on this forum, the more you hate your stuff compared to others:lol: Anyways, it became quite apparent that my bells looked a bit too orange. I was planning to repaint, but I was really happy with the weathering and damage that took me so long to do, so it pained me to think about redoing it. So, I mixed myself up and really thinned out yellow wash and applied in layers. I was able to save my paintjob and get these bells to look alot better at the same time. Check it out-




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That looks awesome! It is actually a great technique to obtain the right color and keep the orange and yellow variation. Did you mask off the battle damage and markings?


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I applied the wash with a brush. Its actually kind of transparant, so I didn't need to make, just avoid brushing the parts I don't want. I did have to go over the tan around the scratches a bit afterwards but it wasn't a big deal. Yep, I did go heavier with the yellow in some areas to get the variation effect. Weathering is a combination of pastels and really watered down paints(blacks and browns mostly). Bells are made of sintra, but I always round the edges to give it a more fiberglass look.
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