Cape Capes. ESB & ROTJ. looking for feedback...


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I've been offering these off the forums for a couple years before I joined up, some of you undoubtedly have one. Obviously, they are not tattered & weathered.
Ive seen variations in this cape, some have the off centered stripe, some center it. I saw Rafalfett's template have it centered. Overall 30x36 (after tattering)... feedback please.


This is as close to the half shelter color that Icould get, and honestly, it's pretty close. I think I dug up one of Art's tutorials from a long time ago when I first made this cape. Left panel is 5.25", right panel is 4". Overall 30x36 before tattering. Again, feedback and criticisms are welcome.

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ESB looks good. I do agree with Raf that the stripe is centered. Colors look good though. What type of material is it?


The ROTJ looks pretty good to me. I don't know enough about ESB to give any feedback. I made my own ROTJ out of an inaccurate half shelter, Correct fabric, but didn't have the special 1" seam. So I just sewed up the whole thing 30x36 then cut a 1" strip of the leftover, rolled the edges to look like a seam, then sewed it on the front of the cape to look like it has that 1" seam or fold or whatever. It was just the easiest way to give it the quick glance accuracy I can take a couple pics if you'd like. My main thing was that I could get a half shelter for $10, or the accurate one for $50 if there were even any on ebay.