Cape troubles

well if its a custom, in theory you can attatch it wherever you want. Usually most people choose to attatch it to one shoulder or the other, or both shoulders, or around the waist. Snaps are probably your best bet for attatching it.
thanks mate your the one with the shriek hawk custom arent ya i love that one i based mine on yours but mine will have a peak like commander codys and a crest like the ep II troopers:cheers
I put 4 sew on snaps on my shoulders . In side by my neck and outside by my shoulder . Then put 4 snaps on my cape evenly spaced . This gives me several cape configurations . All on one shoulder ( either one ) or across the back .
i am gonna use snaps or velcro for my cape, and i also use a kama, but the cape is kinda short, not really short, but not as long as capes i have seen
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