Cape dimension

There are at least three different capes that were made for ROTJ. Each is slightly different from the next. There is the AOSW cape that appears to be the one worn on the skiff battle scene

The MotM which I have not seen yet in the movie

There is also the cape in Jabba's Palace that is the one on the New SideshowCollection Doll.
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Any news on the ESB dimensions anyone? I found some great material and wanna starting my 'poor' needlework.. :lol:
they are 30x36 and the orange is no more then a hands wide. Thats what i tend to go by hehe. but if some one knows the proper dimensions please post it.
I read somewhere that the stripes were 12" x 8" x 8" Just my 2p :)
Someone jump in and correct me if I'm wrong... as I would be interested to know.
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