CAn anyone ID an ESB gaunt greeblie?

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I dont have the picture right now, but does anyone know what that tube thing is coming out of the right gauntlet above the darts? I'm building esb style, and its black on ESB and I think silver on ROTJ. its a sort of oval tube with a odd-shaped groove on the end.

While I'm at it, does anyone know what the original darts were made from? were they machined or fabricated? I searched and couldn't find any result.

Think that's the bic lighter thingy you are talking about. Bottom of the lighter.
I'm sure somebody will have the correct answer and a pic for you later.
No "official" part has been's just referred to as the BIC it looks like a bic mini lighter....even though when I made mine for an old set of MB gauntlets,I used a BIC pen and squished it oval.

If you look closely the original darts were threaded...the high res. pics of the ROTJ costume confirms this...thus they may have been a found part otherwise,there really is no other need to have threads cut into them. And no,where they came from have also not been identified.

Thanks for the input, folks!

I'll probably scratch build the "bic" tube from putty. I may use dremel bits for darts, but they're pretty inaccurate.

Onto another detail... On the ESB right gaunt, on the outside shapoe (black & white color shape) there are two items that look like tall, cylindrical LED bulbs. What is anyone using for these guys? They are red and white/clear.

Any thoughts?

TD, or Graeme will know this...

I *Think* those are the LED's. One is red, the other white. I am sure someone in the know will chime in with the correct answer.
hmm, for darts...

I'd say use 4 Parker pens, the ones with the click mechanism, and use their inner works. worked well for me...

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