Can anyone hook me up with a light grey ski mask?

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I just need one to conceal my chin area under my helmet. I don't want to use a full flap cuz' my breathing really fogs up the visor when the helmet is sealed. It needs an outlet.

I live in south Florida so finding a ski mask in any shape or color is damn near impossible seeing as how it's usually 90 degrees in mid-December.

I just need one that's the appropriate color and form-fitting (so it'll hug my face and neckline). Most of it will be tucked under the ribbed neckpiece attached to my jumpsuit anyway. I just need to conceal my chin area from the prying eyes of 3-footers who are looking up my helmet.

I'll pay you for it, of course. Just make it an el-cheapo mask. That's all I need.

PM or email me. Thanks!
Here's another option. Go to your local fire station and ask them where they get their NOMEX HOODS at. Heck, they may even have an old one laying around that they'll give you. Public Safety stores carry them for under $20.00. Don't get the thick ones. Here is a link to an on-line one who offers a variety of them:
Another option lies in my thread 'poor man's neck seal'. I've decided that if you buy a 3xl white shirt you can remove the sleeves and use them as scrunched up, appropriately baggy neck seal. And if you take both sleeves and hot glue them end to end, they will bunch up very nicely and if you desire you'll have enough to slip over your chin. I plan to use this method (most likely) at comic-con. I hope to pics before then.

You can pick up a xxxl shirt at wal-mart for $4...

Yeah, but what I'm saying is that I don't need a neck seal. I already have a custom-sewn ribbed neck seal that's permanantly attached to my jumpsuit. All I'm looking for is a small "flap" to cover the small area over my chin inside the helmet.

We could easily cut and sew one onto the ribbed neck piece, but I don't want to seal off the helmet entirely. I just want a head/chin covering (ala ski mask) that I can wear UNDER my ribbed neck seal, but will leave a small amount of space open in the bottom of the helmet so that I'm still getting a supply of fresh air as I'm breathing.

Something like this would work...

But not this...

Just need to cover the chin. ;)
Obviously, I could order one of those hoods from that site or one like it, but $20 + shipping seems a bit excessive for something this simple.

I was just hoping that one of you living in the more "seasonal" parts of the country could pick up me up a cheap grey one from somewhere for a few bucks.
You can find them cheaper than that. That is just one site that I knew of off of the top of my head. I've seen them around $12. A plus to a Nomex hood over a ski mask is that they are thin & designed to protect you from heat (keep you cool 8)) while a ski mask is designed to keep you warm (roast in your helmet :angry ). Again, try your local firehouse and see if they've got an old one they'll give you.
well, there are some painting places that have a head sock...and it is like a ski mask, but it is just from your chin up, its for painting when using a breather. they run maybe 5 bucks at local paint dealer. Or just a REALLY BIG sock.
I don't think your local firehouse would give up a nomex hood. Where I work at they are hard to get through the department and when you get one you hang onto it. Not unless you want spend you own money. Most guys won't do that.
I was in Home Depot tonight. In the paint supply section (where the dropcloths and coveralls are) they have a thing called a "spray sock" made by a company called "Turfpro" for $1.97. It looks basically just like the Nomex hood pic previously posted (the hood that covers the chin and looks like a ski mask), except that it is made out of cotton instead of Nomex. With the availability of Home Depot stores, the "breathability of cotton, and the low price, you might want to give it a shot.

Hope this helps! :)
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