Buying an EE3

I can tell you all of these will be inaccurate. The 3d printed ones are weird scale wise. They tend to be skinny. Then one of the ones you posted is actually a Disney EE-3 paintjob. The Disney rifle is kids sized.

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The first Etsy link & the ebay link are 3D printed from what I believe is a a pep file that was created some time ago & isn't accurate at all. Stay away from either of these. The model is a low poly so will be rather blocky.

The second Etsy link is actually very close to accurate & was a created by a guy that goes by Jedi Charles on Sketchup. The problem with this one is the stock & D connector are inaccurate. But the rest of the it is pretty close but not 100% accurate.

Here is a thread from here showing more of this blaster printed by Aprilstorm:

I used a number of pieces from these models to create my EE-3, but I did make many modifications & did it as a pep build.

The third Etsy link is a Toy replica painted up to look like it but will be very small in an adults hands.