Budget Boba Bucket (DP'97) needs a visor!


Ok, so I've opted for the cheapie of the helmet litter but was a steal (not literally) from a costume shop's bargain bin.

Size wise, it could work for me as its more proportionate to my overall height/weight - geekslim!

Anways, I checked TK409's link for a dark green visor " ...HF4118-DRK - Dark Green Faceshield - $3.65 ..." but rjay safety don't ship overseas.:(

Here in Australia, the closest alternatives are 'smoke grey' or clear and are priced beyond the budget.

Any suggestions?
yous should see what we got in alberta. ive been to a couple of welding shops in the edmonton area and theyve got green, black, yellow, blue, chrome and blue chrome. i am getting spare chrome ones for interchangeable visors.
Thanks for the t-visor.com link Katarn. Got to ask - WWJMBD?

Next question - can anyone vouch for t-visor.com's quality/service?
almost any industrial safety supply store carries tinted visors, I picked mine up at Acklands in Alberta for $10. Some careful cutting and the fit was perfect..
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