bobamaker helmet...finished!


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Hey dudes..

Been away for a while and it's taken me a year to get my helmet finished,not that i have actually spent a year doing it of course,but had some stuff going on and well have only recently got back to it, anyway enough about me here are some pics





Its not an exact copy of the ESB but close enough I think,I spent ages trying to get the colours right and mixed them myself,sort of made it up as I went along,let me know what you think....
Thanks for all the positive feedback guys:D

With nothing to compare it too (apart from an old DP 97) all I can say is that it's what I would consider full size,and I also agree with GCNgamer,Bobamakers helmets are the best I've seen,the other resin helmets are good but BMs helmets seem to capture the "looK" of the screen used helmets and his attention to detail is second to none.

The only mods I made to this helmet were a few additional deep scratches and I further thinned out the RF ear cap.
This bucket is last years model and I understand that he has further revised his helmet,but having said all that I will be putting this helmet on ebay soon to raise funds for my next project...
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