Bobafett669\'s Jet Pack Progress


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Bobafett669's Jetpack Progress

Not ever having met anyone in person from the forum's some of you know me by posts and some have no idea who the hell I am. Want to thank everyone how has helped me along in this process. I will not list them all but you know if you have respinded to my posts inthe past. I untaped my jet pack form the painting phase last night and took a few photos to share. The pack is not done as I still have to weather it and you can see in some spots the mustard still under the paint that I will remove later this week. The thrusters are not attached and were just set there for the photos.

Here is where I started with a basic JP from GA.



This is where I am now:
jet pack1.jpg

jet pack2.jpg
jet packbottom.jpg

I used the dijon mustard trick for the weathering and the silver under the other colors looks great when the paint is peeled off. You can see the blue tape pulled some of the upper colors off already and helped with the weathering. Your comments are welcome but keep in mind I have never done anything like this before and I am still learning. I have to get a set of decals and weather it, I have some parts on order to add to the bottom of the pack and have not decided if I want to use the resin beacon or get something better. I would prefer something that lights up but have not seem anything on the boards yet. I have not been able to find the mentioned curling iron tip that some used over a maglight.
Nice Job. How heavy is it? Mine is 11 lbs and I wish I had a lighter one. :facepalm
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Here are some of my photos after the weathering:




I painted the entire jet pack with metalic Silver and them applied Dijon mustard to the spots I wanted to appear weathered. Taped off the colored sections and then once the whole things was done i scraped off the painted over mustard for a perfect weathering look. Used Liquitex acrylic balck mixed with a little burnt sienna paint and a little water dabbed on and then wiped down with paper towel.
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