Boba Riddell helmet interior


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hey, i just wanted to know if anyone makes and sells to scale the boba Riddle helmet interior. if so, PLEASE PM ME ASAP!!! also, has anyone done this before....and post pics if you can.
I am working on getting the correct padding for the to scale interior. If I can get enough of it and I am pretty sure I can, I will let you know.
Here are the interior pices I did for TK-1776 and they hold the 4 aa batteries wich are needed to run the servo and the rc board is behind the padding.


Hey, I love the look of that interior. I noticed that inside the Riddell helmet it has the same style padding as the 80's football helmets. I am working on getting some of that padding.
It is the same padding that used to be inside Football Helmets in the 70's and 80's
Look up vintage Football helmet on eBay and you will see some helmets that have the padding. I am working on getting some older football helmets for a pretty reasonable price here pretty soon so we can have the good stuff! Anyway, I will let you know what I find out but in the mean time check out eBay. I have seen some of those vintage helmets go for around $40-$50 bucks
cutting and pasting this from another thread...

for the riddel mini helmet type padding you might want to try taking regular old foam sponges cut exactly how you want them and then coat them with this stuff I saw in the spray paint section at Lowes: There's 2 types a spray paint type, and a "dip" type. it's a rubber's meant to add rubber hand grips to tools and stuff if the original grip has fallen off. I saw it in yellow, but i'm sure there are other colors or paint might be able to be added to it to make it whatever color you want. I would think a normal sponge or foam pad dipped or sprayed with this stuff would look and feel almost exactly like football helmet pads.

hope this makes sense, i'm kinda figureing it out as i'm writing

if anyone tries this let us know how it turns out, i'm probably going for the hardhat liner route
now, why didn't i think of that??? that sounds awesome!!! hey, i'll try to get some this week. do you know what its called??? that would help out a bunch....but, if you don't, thats cool...i'll find it anyway. yea, i was thinking of taking some foam, cutting it out, and covering it in clay. then i would vac form it, and you would have the peices...but, it would not be confortable to wear arround, buy, anyway, yea, i am def. going to try it. :)
It's called Plasti-Dip. I've only seen the actual dip in one color, black. The spray comes in black, yellow, blue, clear, and I think green. I had some of it a little while back, it's great stuff. Perfect for adding that rubber feel to things like resing lightsaber grips.
hey, do you guys know how much this Plasti dip is? i think you guys said it was Plasti....well, you know what i'm talking about.....that rubber dip.
hey guys, i just bought some of the dip today. its black, and i'll probally spraypaint it leather brown when i finish. anyway, i tried dipping some foam in it. well, its a little too squishey.....too soft. i am now thinking of making some molds out of clay, and vacc forming them. then i would cut the vacc formed peices out, and pour the dip over it. maybe that would be the feel i'm going for. i would love any help from you guys. thanks,
what kind of foam are you using? you could try using a camping pad...1 inch or so thick stiff kinda already has a skin on it so it might not soak up the dip as bad...or the spray kind might work better, layered of course....good luck
okay, here's what i am doing now. i have made the molds of the interior out of clay. i am going to pour some Plaster of Paris over the molds. i will then remove the clay once the Plaster has dried. i can then pour the Plasti dip into the molds making a full rubber, what do you guys think??? do you think this will work well,....well, i'm working on it, i'll see what happens.
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