Boba is a time traveler in ROTJ?!


I was watching the ROTJ special edition last night and noticed something I've never noticed before but I'm sure many of you have. When Boba is in Jabba's palace flirting with the dancer in the SE (for the record I hate most of the SE scenes) he turns from one of them and shows his jetpack as the one that has battle damage to it right after Han uses his wooden boat ore to split the durasteel jetpack (apparently Boba's jetpack was made of cardboard like many of us on the forums. Wood beats cardboard I guess) You'd think they would have used the correct ROTJ pack! I found a shot of it today because I was shocked they got it wrong...

They used the correct one in the SE scenes from ANH but it puzzles me why Boba has his Jedi paint job and not his Empire costume but I was willing to let that one go. This, however, just dumbfounds me. Even the blue Twilek is smirking at the wrong jetpack in the pic thinking to herself, "idiots on the film crew got it wrong and the dented helmet guys are going to have a field day with this one!"

anyway, carry on......
Nice.. never noticed that before. I wonder if this was the easiest Jetpack to access at the time for the film crew and they thought nobody would notice or if there was a purpose behind it? Probably no purpose and is just another mistake made by film crews..


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Damn Ive noticed that too and always wondered what the heck that was. But thats a awesome theory tho