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Tambo Fett

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I have been scatching my head at all the different versions of the suits and helmets from pre production to movies and I have a small list of what I think is correct. I might be wrong on some of the version names, so help me out and let's get the official TDH terminology correct. Help me out helmet experts.


* White Helmet
* Version 1 (Hawk eyes) no dent
* Version 1 change 1 (Smugged/removed Hawk eyes) Higher eyes/ears and no dent
* Version 2 (as seen on the cardboard cut out) has dent and no decals
* Version 3 ??? not sure

FILM Helmets all have dent

ANH no Boba
*ANH SE (ROTJ helmet)

*ESB (standard ESB helmet)
*ESB SE ( same as normal version)

*ROTJ (Standard ROTJ helmet)
*ROTJ (ESB stunt helmet for some shots)
*ROTJ SE (ESB helmet)


*AOSW (ESB helmet)
*MOM (ROTJ helmet)
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Gator Fett

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What a great idea.(y)

I would add:


AOSW (ESB Helmet)
MOM (ROTJ Helmet)

P.S. Why do some items have * and some do not?

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The "*" is to denote one helmet version, I can later fill them in with numbers after the list is complete and I will update the list as you guys chime in with new ones to add. Gator Fett thanks for the exhibit info..I'll add that to the list.
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Updated my "chart" with some better photos. The ROTJ was posted by micdavis and one of the Eyes was posted by Brak's a while back. The "unused" Prepro is from a good friend of mine :)
Still don't have every helmet on there, but this covers the majority of paintjobs.
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Tyler Durden

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Just a few notes:

  • The preproduction helmet with the eyes was painted over, as evidenced by the photo above. The eyes were moved upward and the kill stripes were added. So, I would classify that as one helmet in different stages of painting.
  • The preproduction eyes helmet had no dent, but it did have a large gash on the dent side. It's the only helmet we've seen with the gash.
  • The ROTJ helmet was one of three preproduction helmets painted prior to ESB and after the Eyes helmet. The photo below shows the Preproduction 2, Preproduction Not Used, and Preproduction (Jedi)

Tambo Fett

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I agree that more then one of these helmets are 2nd and maybe 3rd paint jobs, but if we were to take each of these helmets and name them for the moment in time the photograph was taken what would they be called? I also know that the ESB and ROTJ helmets were used in different movies and different shots in the same movie as well as in exhibit displays. It would be great to have a difinitive list of every suit and helmet combination from the early white suit to the last exhibit.

Am I right saying

PrePro Version 1 (Hawk Eyes, no damage) Version1 change 1 (Kill marks new eyes and slash)
PrePro Version 2 (raw ears, dent as seen with Orange & Red Gauntlets, on original action figure box)
PrePro Version 3 never finished
PrePro Version 4 AKA ROTJ

What version is the White helmet? should that be version #1

This is confusing, but in the end I think we will all have a better understanding of the evolution of the Boba helmet.
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