Boba Fett Voice Changer Build?


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Has anyone made a voice changer from scratch or found one that fits int he bucket? I am also looking for a speaker system to install for my son to hear his surroundings. Any help with these would be greatly appreciated.


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Look up Deathproof's WIP thread. He did more with voice changers than most. He didn't start from scratch but put a ton of effort in.
Hearing can be a challenge. I have my Aker for voice amplification, but it doesn't' do anything to pick up sound. It's only one way. Aker is probably the standard voice amp. The speaker fits into a pouch and the headset fits under the helmet pretty easily.


I ordered a "make your own amp" from EBay for around $4. If you have any electronics experience, this is a pretty okay way to go. Even if you don't, it takes no time at all to learn. A soldering iron can be as low as $6 and solder $3.

I wired in a cheap mic to my helmet and hooked it to the amp with an old airsoft battery I had. Works pretty well, the slight distortion from using cheap parts is a little more Stormtrooper-ish, but I like it.

Then there's always this kind of thing:

Which should be cheap and easy to find with the upcoming holiday!

Good luck