Boba Fett SE left knee pad: humbrol colours?


New Hunter
Hi everyone :)

I'm working on a Boba Fett SE as seen in the AoSW-Exhibition and I was wondering if anybody knows what colours were used on the left knee pad? It's the PP#2-knee. I've painted the right knee and shoulder pads and so far I'm happy with the humbrol colours Terminal Fettler has recommended, however I can't find anything for the left knee. To my eye the left knee looks much more brighter than the right one.

I'm especially interested in the 2nd layer, which is the yellow between the silver and the "main yellow". In Rafael's stencils this yellow is called "marigold yellow".

Does anybody know which humbrol colour I can use for this? Of course, I'm also open for other brands, but since I'm living in Europe, it's quite easy to get humbrol colours.

Thank you very much! Btw, best community ever :D