Boba Fett helmet advice for a newb


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cookiemongoloid said:
I agree. Helmet is by far the most important part. I've seen fett's with GREAT armor, but they look cheap and shotty because they are using a Dp 95, or 97 or something. (no offense to those with those helmets). And Rubie Jango fett helmets are a little better than the Boba. I for one own one. I use it as my testor helmet. I test things on it and try to get good at different skills on it.
I beg to differ, the Don post 95 is pretty good, but the rest blo.


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I got a Rubies helmet too. I will be using it cuz a few people in the 501st legion told me they'll accept it as long as it looks good I will have to get a new visor and some tinting. That and a little repainting. I didn't know about the rubies helmet when I first ordered it.