Boba Fett Chest and Shoulder decals



Hello Fett enthusiasts. I work for a sign shop and a long time member of the R2 Builders club. I make various decals for the R2 builders. One of them bought my fett costume and wanted to remake the chest armor. I made the chest stickers and he was gonna need new ones. I had him send me some MOM pics of the fett costume on display. Using those pictures I traced the chest and shoulder decals. I now have some very accurate decals for fett costume. I figured some of you might want these so I decided to pose it here. The decals are thermal printed vinyl, and are $5.00 for the set shipped in the U.S. Shipping outside the U.S. will be a bit more. You can see and order the stickers at:

I am selling these at cost, as a service Fett builders (I was one once). We have a code of honor in the R2 builders that making a profit on this sort of stuff is wrong. Enjoy.