Boba Bucket on a Budget

Philip Fett

This is designed for people who arent looking for a screen perfect bucket, so much one that requires little skill/time/and money to do. Especially if your still in the grades like me and don't have a steady cash flow of any significant amount to spend. The first step is easy and the most costly part. You have to buy the two peice jango fett costume helm (oh no, not that! You must be joking!) It costs about 20 dollars depending on when and where you get one. Once you get it, remove the visor, it is easy as it is just attached with little plastic meltings and it down, especially the blue parts as the flake away easily. Take rustoleum red primer, mask, with masking tape and newspaper, the cheeks and cranium of the helmet, and paint the red area red according to the bazillion pics available around here. Mask off anf repeat the step for the different colors, walmart satin green works well for the green, this is the most skilled part of the process. Unscrew the RF top and paint the RF rod, and ears aluminum, followed by dusting over with the rust red and dull black. Paint the RF head dull black. Buy a bottle of testors silver and do the damage by drybrushing the edges (put some paint on the brush, wipe most of it off, and paint over sharp edges, and blotting elsewhere.) If you want the exact scheme, there are plenty examples on this website, but if your like me, you dont care enough. (This is for my older bro in college, I would be surprised if at some point it DOESNT end up as an alcohol dispenser of sorts)

The next part is scouring the dollar stores in town, around x-mas they have little railroad crossing lights that blink, I picked up a few (ALL OF THEM I COULD CARRY!!!!) and removed the sign part and put them in everything I can. Here are some pics of the finished product, it took less than an hour and a half of strait work, excluding the LEDs, as they took a bit longer as this was my first time experimenting with them.



here you can see the LEDs due to it being a prolonged exposure pic, the rangefinders blink alternately, the helmet triangles blink at the same time


I would reccomend this type of foam packing material for helmet innards to anyone, it doesnt slip at all, no need for a hardhat liner, and it is the most comfortable helmet I have ever seen, worn, or conceived of. You can see the batt boxes for each set of lights on either side.

Grand total Expendatures

-Money- 26$
-Time- 3 hours

you cant be beat with this helm at night.
Very Creative, good work. I've used Halloween eyes that go inside your pumpkin for blinking lights before. Cost a couple bucks and the coolest thing was the sequencing was completely random.
yeah, once I get it back form my bro this summer for a bit, Im gona sink in the visor a bit with some bondo and fill in the gap where its two peices meet. Then Paint it up to moive specifications, I plan on having the best bucket under 30$ ever.
That's kinda what I thought it was. I thought it was a mask, didn't realize it was a two piece.

I'm betting it's smaller assembled than the actual rubies bucket. Is this correct? I have a friend/aquaintence that has a very small frame and even the Rubies bucket looks big on her.. I'm thinking of this as a possible solution to her problem.
If you can, you should realy save up for something better. I wouldn't recommend buying one unless you can either put alot of time into moding it, or if you just don't want/can't afford a higher priced bucket.
yeah, I'm slowly working on making my own. The blueprints here seem great.

If you can, you should realy save up for something better. I wouldn't recommend buying one unless you can either put alot of time into moding it, or if you just don't want/can't afford a higher priced bucket.
I did one of these for my son, and I can say that its really not worth the work unless you are just looking to learn/test painting or to have a fix 'em upper project. Trust me, after you get your paint job on there and are pleased with it, you'd wish that you would have painted a better helmet... lol...

This is the same helmet, which was actually my very first. I was happy with the paint, but kept wishing it had been on a higher end bucket for all the time that was invested.






man...what a cute little mini boba! love the costume with the grey sweat suit...he is going to totally bummed out when he out grows that!
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