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Here very soon ill be getting my mystery helmet(I'm so happy) that ones replacing the DP97 I have here. So I was looking at visors and found that BM has them. I was wondering if any one out there has one of these. I know I can get the ones from the hard wear store but I like to support our friends here and if that means spending a few extra on shipping thats ok with me. This will be my first real helmet and I don want it to be a "snafu".
Also would using the stalk and RF off that DP97 be ok? Last, how do you put that visor on? Ive seen people use screws and all kind of crazy stuff. All I was going to do was cut the place where the visors sits a little smaller so the visor would have some place to sit with a little glue or something like that. Any ideas would be nice so I don't jack this up. Like Ive seen people say on here "the helmet makes the costume" all so true.


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You could use the RF from your DP97, but it would look a little weird as it's smaller than the 7" ones that most people use for a Mystery, and because your Mystery is bigger than a DP anyway, the RF will look even smaller!

There are always T-Visors on e.Bay from guys that are based in the States, postage is cheaper from them. Seems silly to buy one from me, most of these visors are made from the same materials anyway.

Thanks for bearing us TDH members in mind though, it's what makes this site so cool.

Good luck with the Mystery

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shortimer52 wrote:

I thought (here I go again thinking) the green visor was for ESB and the black was for ROTJ. Im guessing im wrong here?

Most folks use the dark green for ESB, which seems to be correct. I beleive the ROTJ is smoke tint.