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Help ppl

I have a jumpsuit which i have altered and re-stitched and imo is fantastic but it is dark blue. I have tried bleaching it (even tried neat bleach) and it has not faded one bit. btw it is household bleach i am trying. Does anyone have any ideas what i could try to fade this garment, i really don't want too give up on it as is really looks good now after all the work i have done.

Ps the jumpsuit is and old boiler suit made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

please help me, you are my only hope ;)
i heard spray paints work...but have never dared to try....i think your pretty much up the creek w/ the polyester jumpsuits. theres alot of threads agreeing..
well when I did my ESB the jumpsuit was white so I just dyed it with pain for in the washing machine from a brand called Dylon, and I used the same suit for my ROTJ, so it had to lose it's color.

Luck had it that Dylon also produces something called pre-dye, wich you normally have to use to bleach a bought piece of cloth and then when you want to recolor that you have to use pre-dye first so it loses almost the entire original color, and then use the new colour dye.

worked like charm on an allready dyed piece (wich came out virtually white again) but it should also work on some bought pieces... your jumpsuit I hope.
I think you are out of luck my friend. Polyester just doesn't bleach. Also a lot of industrial jumpsuits are treated to resist stains, spillage and such, which also makes them resistant to bleaching. Alas, many have been down this frustrating road, including myself
Hi ppl

just had someone tell me about 'hydrogen peroxide'. Has anyone here used this product and if so does it work on polyester?

I got told to use this and then leave my jumpsuit in the sun for a few months :facepalm
ok i submit:cry

i am going to buy 2 new 100% cotton boilersuits. Can anybody please advise me on whether these will shrink when i dye them. I know i should look through the search engine but i dont want to mess these ones up just because i misunderstood something i have read.

Please be kind coz i am kinda really jarred off at the mo for having to throw away my other jumpsuit (hours and hours of work for nothing) :cry

every day is a school day as my dad use to say
I am sooooooooooo happy now :D

Whilst taking my lunch break today, i happeded upon a second hand store with TWO medium grey boiler suits. So now i have enough to build my jumpsuit and also my thigh pouches. and the best bit all for only £10 :)

May be 2006 isn't going to be such a bad year after all.

Thanks to all who responded to this thread anyway.

Will post pics ASAP
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