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The Clayster

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I was thinking about getting an EE-3, but the one I want is 225, My parents wouldnt let me get a Hyperfirm E-11 (which was 225) so I am kinda stuck on that one.

Then, I was thinking about using an RFT Nerf blaster, and modding that up.

I am not quite sure, the only weapon I know I will have for sure, is a Westar on my ammo belt.

Any suggestions?


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I've seen some airsoft mods that will knock your socks off. I wish mine were better, but time is always a monster to work against. Nothing's wrong with using Nerf guns either.


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I now what you mean, but you can work on that. If you don't care that it fires, you could open it up and add some thing to make it more realisticly weighty, like fiberglass. Put it back together, sand the seams down, use some bondo, paint and weather.


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My pair are highly modified, but theres more I really wanna do. That 2 months between AdventureCon and DragonCon will be a finesse period =D


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The only disadvantage with airsoft is that some conventions won't allow them...whether they are loaded or not. I know on Adventurecon's website it states:

AdventureCon prohibits the following:

*Weapons prohibited under Tennessee law
*Real guns (working, disabled, or otherwise)
*Metal blades (knives, swords, sharp wings, etc.)
*Projectile weapons (pellet guns, airsoft rifles, disc guns, etc.)
*Loaded water pistols or other liquid "weapons"
*Practice swords (unless they can be peacebound into a scabbard of some sort)
*Any other potentially harmful weapon/prop as determined by AdventureCon Security.

I know that they state that REAL guns are prohibited whether they disabled or not and it doesn't state that for the airsoft...but you never really know.

I think with most cons if your weapon cannot fire you are pretty much good to go (with the exception of real weapons) but it gets so dang questionable when you've "modified" a weapon.


it does say that there are no air soft, 4th one down, yea i think that airsoft guns are the way to go, you can mod em up with pvc so they dont look so modern, nerf guns are ok but i see them alot especially the long shot n the revolver dealie (dunno what its called)

The Clayster

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I will find something, thanks for all the help guys.
I really hate using airsoft guns as props, I airsoft as a different hobby, I wanna shoot the gun, not use it for my mando. ;)