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I spent about 17 hours in front of the lathe and milling machine at my father in-law's making a couple projects :) :










I had some acrylic that I thought I'd play with. Pay no mind to the fractures you can see with the light. They're inside the plastic and can't be felt. It was fun to machine the acrylic but I should've done it with aluminum.... it would've been faster cause the plastic is brittle.
Also, the hole pattern in the end of the gun is changed too. There isn't enough "good" reference but I decided there should just be 6 holes instead of 12. I've filled half of the holes. From the pic in the visual dictionary it looks like 6. I didn't want to copy Dallas' design. I really like his but felt I should be different. :)

Once I cast it up in resin and paint it , it'll be sssweet!
Wow... :D All I can say is WOW! You're a costuming genius MonCal! :D Can't wait to see pics as you finish it up! And even better - can't wait to see the costume in person!
Black primer and Model Masters Stainless Steel colored Buffing Metalizer finished off with the metalizer top coat and it will look real as hell!
Damn fine job there!
cal196 said:
That looks great, its a shame I dont remember that weapon, or Her ever using it.

Zam 1st uses that blaster to try and shoot Anakin off the front of her speeder, she then tries to shoot Obi Wan with it at the club.

MonCal: That is cool, I can't wait to see pictures of the pistol with its grip.
Thanks everyone! I appreciate it.

E2K13 said:
Black primer and Model Masters Stainless Steel colored Buffing Metalizer finished off with the metalizer top coat and it will look real as hell!
Damn fine job there!

Thanks for the tip!!!! I will give it a shot.

After looking again and again, I think Dallas may be right on the hole pattern so I should copy him after all ;) I'll re-drill a few of those with the smaller size bit (since they're filled now :) )
Thanks a bunch fellas and gals ;) !!!!!

I would have more to show if I didn't have a bunch of projects going on at once ... :) Soon though... I hope :p
Thanks ;)
:) :)

I haven't been able to sculpt the handle or mold the barrel but the rest of the costume is getting close :D Just finished the holster tonight.

I definitely believe in Dallas' hole pattern after more and more looking. Not that I didn't before, I just wasn't sure. There's a pretty good shot in the movie when she's sneaking up on Obi Wan in the bar. Plus one production photo helps.
Made a little more progress yesterday ;)

I started by supporting the barrel and pouring resin so I would have the indentation in the top piece of the handle:



I made the mold box so I could cut all three pieces of the handle out of this one block of resin:


I cut out the section of the handle so I could router the edge the same as the outer edge:


The trigger will work :)


Might have to go over to Hyperdyne's and see if he can whip up some electronics for this bad boy ;)

These pieces are just "propped" up for the photo op :) They're all buried in resin right now



Finally got some more material and a good casting :)




The other pieces are molded too, just not all poured.

Here are some of the first ones / rejects:


The barrels have problems with alignment and bubbles. They could be cleaned up with a little elbow grease ;) The other parts cast fine. I was just experimenting with the amount of dye on the gray ones and pigment on the aluminum one.

If anyone's interested, I could compile a complete kit with a reject barrel for say ... $30.00 + shipping ??? You just need some semi skilled modeling skills ;)

I still need to mold the little greeblies but can do that pretty quick and the triggers will have springs, screws so they can work too :)

wow dude your going all out on that blaster lol. Hard to see any bubbles in the pic they all look really good.
Finally got Kathy's blaster done today!!!!!
She's almost ready for C3 ;)





I tried the model master's stainless steel mentioned above and it was way too dark. I then got some Alclad and I think it came too thinned out cause it went on clear!!! Ended up getting frustrated with all the known ways on the boards and went with rustoleum aluminum and krylon black fusion. All resin parts! Polytek easyflo 60

The trigger works too! :) I'm going to go over to Hyperdyne's one of these days and see what we can do about putting some electonics in this baby!!
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