Blast Damage

Eht Eno

Anyone know how to make it look moer smokey. I have tried ink/water method looks more like watercolor. Even used a dropper to make sure it was 1/1, water to ink. But it did work well for my weathering. LOL Now all I need is some fool proof way to do blast damge properly.


Boba Freekk

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I grinded down a charcoal stick with sandpaper and applied it with a old paintbrush.It seemed to work prety well.I think I need some more practice with it though.I would like to know if there are any other methods out there too.

DL44 Blaster

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I achieve my blast damage with an airbrush and sponging on with watered down acrylics. It took some practice to get it the way it should look and I'm happy with the results.