Best Online Source For Molding\Casting Supplies?

I have found some, but not a lot. I found a site on line that sells it for $26 a pound. That's w/o shipping and I think it's a quart, but they don't say, it's just a pound. I've exhausted the phone book here, and am about to start harrasing a local molding company if I can't find another source. Anyone have a lead where I could find a gal. or 1/2 gal. of the stuff?
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Anyone know of a good online source for Molding and casting materials? I'm looking for something easy to work with but super hard for molds. Any Ideas?? Hydra-cal maybe?

Mike F.

They have the silicones etc. I buy my hydrocal locally thru a cement retailer. I would suggest trying that.

Its much cheaper. I wouldnt suggest shipping this stuff due to the wt.

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Thx for the fast reply's. I'll try calling a cement retailer. Does a place like Home Depot carry Hydra-cal? Is this the best stuff for molds? I tried plaster O' Paris just dinkin around and its mich too soft. Details come off with the object when you release it, even with an agent.

Mike F.
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