Best helmet for Jango?


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Hey there,
I would like to say I love what you guys do here. Im new btw hehee. I have never done nething like this before but am extremely interested in starting a Jango fett project. I have had a look at armour pieces and I like wickedbeards stuff. I have PMed him and will no doubt be purchasing in the future :). Now I turn to the helmet. What is the best one. I know rubies isn't any good and that DPXs are alright but like I say Im new to this so help me out :p. If any suggestions on a helmet please post em or should I start from scratch and build one? If so are there any tutorials and templates for a Jango helm.

Thanks all :),

Jimmy BufFETT

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Well, just after readin'the subject line and seein' that there were already responses, I knew I wouldn't have to be the first to give ya a great answer ... but I'll do so anyway:

BKBT! Git R Done!(y)(y)