Best clear coat to use on helmet and armor


I wanted to find a really good clear coat seal for my helmet and armor. Right now I just have a few coats f testors dull coat but wanted to know what everyone else uses. Are there any "heavy duty" water proof sealers that anyone has uses, maybe something epoxy based? I dont want to fear a little rain while trooping. Just curious.


I have been doing a triple coat of humbrol matte coat. Dunno how resilient it is yet, but I did run my gaunts through the rain with no issues.

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You should be fine with dullcoat...even without it a little water isnt going to hurt your laquer thinner is another story


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I paint rc helicopters and automotive and I would use a two part clear coat! you can get flat , semi ect.. granted its a little bit more $ and bad if you breath it "just use a respirator" but its way tougher than an old rattle can!! and you can get it at your local auto paint store...