Battle Damage.

Hi Folks,

I am about to start my ROTJ Helmet and i was looking through all the great work that most of you do to your Buckets and i was wondering , is there such a thing as a template to work from that shows where the Damaged area's go one the ROTJ lid as this is my first time i don't want to mess it up too badly.

I have all the colours that i need i just would like to know from you more experienced people out there if such a thing exsists :confused if it does could some one point me n the correct direction please.

I am in awe of some of the great and fantastic looking lids out there sohence my question as i would like to get my bucket looking as good as i can with in the limits of my painting skills , lol .

Thanks in Advance of any replies.



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Hi Ian,
What I did with my ESB was to "scale" the reference pics I used to the actual size of the helmet.
I would measure a certain portion of the helmet, say the keyslot section on the back. Then on my computer,
I would enlarge or shrink the picture to that size. (Yes, I would actually hold a ruler up to the monitor. :) )

What I did then was use tracing paper, hold it against the computer screen, and draw the outlines of the scratches and damage.
Once I did that, I laid the paper on my desk, turned it over, and re-drew my lines on the back side.
Then, holding the paper (right-side out) against the helmet, I rubbed the pencil lines on using the back of a paintbrush. . . kinda like carbon paper.

It's not an exact science, due to transferring a 2-d image onto a 3-d helmet, but taking small sections at a time I got pretty darn close. (y)

Hope that's useful! And understandable. :)


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you could also try to draw the silver scratches on your primer or silver coat (or green/red if you're going for topical weatehring) with a regular pencil, then when you've done a few hold your helmet in a simmilair position as the on seen on the picture you're using for reference, that way you can see if it meets your expectations to what it should be in order to look like Fett.

maybe even take a picture in the same angle as the ref picture and compare that.