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I finally figured out the sewing/stitching method for the armor vest, after years of trial and error! The thing I kept getting screwed up on was the sleeves, and with TK409's assistance (what can I say, the man rocks!), I'm finally able to present the Armor Vest 4.0:




NOTE: I still have to put the zipper (I prefer zippers to Velcro) and add strap-holes. The shell is made from the TDH-approved fabric, and the liner is some old leftover jumpsuit material (cotton twill, previously dyed).

Using the MoM pictures as a guide, I noticed that the sleeves are sewn between the shell and liner; on my older versions, I simply added the sleeves last, creating an extra seam-line on the edge of the armhole. Also, the screen-worn vest has no top-stitching along any of the outer edges of the vest itself, meaning the vest was sewn from the inside-out. At times, it kinda looked like a Mobius strip when putting it together! Straight pins are my new friends...
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Thanks for all the compliments, guys! I've reworked the patterns, since the sleeves pictured above are about an inch too long. And I'm modifying the pattern for the Velcro closure instead of the zipper.

I hope to be able to show off the finished product in a week or so.

I've run out of the TDH material, so I'll have to look for an alternative for my next one. The closest I've found is 'Casa Crepe', which is what I used before the TDH material came along. However, the CC is too silver, I think. I could throw it in a tan dye to see if it turns to the preferred platinum look, but since the fabric is synthetic, I doubt it would.
I was able to see Eric's vests in person last night and they are impressive. The shoulders are the hardest part to make on the vests and he has mastered it.
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