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I just wanted to give my thanks to BATNINJA for my new vest he did for me!!

It is truly the best vest I have ever had and the material he used is second to none.

you may notice he did a custom job on the velcro to fit my MAN of WAR armor.



I appreciate it, guys! Glad you like 'em.
I only wish I had some more of that TDH material, *ahem*, BobaFettish, *cough cough*...

Holy !!
Looks real nice, color and texture are best i've seen yet. Thats one mighty fine vest you have there DarthMiller

Well done Batninja, you ever do another run be sure to let me know
Hey BN..I'll post pics soon...I don't have my camera with me.....:facepalm

BUT this is really the best Soft-part of my Fett I own ....THANKS BN!!(y)

Are you doing a Run of these...????
The vests were $75 apiece, using the TDH-approved material. I'm currently out of this fabric, and I'm looking for a close match until another run is made.
The fabric is called 'tackle twill', and is used to put numbers and players' names on sports jerseys. More info can be found here:

Unfortunately, this fabric cannot be bought 'off the shelf', and therefore had to be special-ordered (even the color is considered a 'special' color, I think). I've E-mailed BobaFettish, who has been the contact for fabric orders in the past. Hopefully, he'll put up a new fabric order here soon, as I do not have the contact info.
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I have three basic sizes: M (38-40), L (42-44), and XL (46-48 ). In other words, if you wear a Large T-shirt, then a Large vest should fit you fine. I’m using 1 ½” Velcro for the closure, so there is plenty of ‘wiggle’ room for individual size adjustment.

I do not add strap-holes or Velcro to the vest, as many people have different preferred attachment methods. These alterations can be done by most any local seamstress or alterations shop.
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HOLY SHITE!!!!! That's fantastic!!!!

Oh Boba Fettish...I think it's time for another run of this material.:D

My vest is the only thing I think I need to upgrade to the screen accurate material.

Congrats on such a stunning peice.

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