backplate tutorial??


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back plate tutorial??

ok... I've just made another sad attempt at a backplate... it's not finished yet, but it's not going to work...

so... without fiberglas, vac forming or even sentra, pvc sheets to work with... any one has a tutorial on how to get the right 3 million curves in the backplate??
(its not that im to lazy to get teh materials, it's just not available here... "order through the internet." no I don't have acces to a creditcard either....)

theres not alot of fun in this project anymore...
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Don't let the little things get you down. I know it can be very frustrating at times.....seems to be a lot of frustration when it comes to building a Mando.

Anyhow, have you tried a junk yard? There is a lot of materials in a junk yard that could be utilized. The good thing is that most towns have a junk or dump yard of some kind. Some materials that could be found, for instance, are shower stalls. Some shower stalls are made with PVC plastic. There are several other items you might find as well. Shower stalls are just an example. Keep your head up. Things will work out for you.
I can't realy help you with the "plastics" or fiberglass, but here is my tutorial for working with aluminum.

If aluminum is not an option you can always try sheet metal, a pair of snips, a rubber mallet and regular hammer. Be sure to sand the sharp edges.

I wish I could help you more bud. Don't give up hope. Put it aside for a day or so and come back fresh.

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:) thnx guys!!

that tutorial might be helpful...

hmm... maybe my other neighbour could get me few of those sheets ona conciderable discount...

il post progress pics as I go...
I tried my hand nad crafting a backplate, and it never fit my back right no matter what I did. I finally realized sintra is like trying to bend paper, it does not conform to your shape, you have to actually cut it into peices and reform it then bondo bondo bondo. I gave up and bought one.
yeah that sounds right on Cal... my old one is also a 2 piece construction, just never really does it for me.

and I think I'll have to buy one aswell... but... that's the creditcard buisness...

wow!! FrankFett... you make me feel all strange and stuff!! no-ones ever said that to me :D thnx dude!!
think I just did it...

ow my...

I think I just made a backplate... out of a trash can...

the incissions were necessary to get rid of the plate that was sticking out much, it holds itself together very well, but just to be on the safe side I inserted 2 bolts...

the old plate is the crappy aluminium one... not like what gator suggested, that looks awesome, but just the cutable very.... very thin and sharp stuff...

the big hole in the middle was necessary aswel, now the jet pack wont make it flip away from my neck when it hangs on my back.
You don't see much of it anyway so...

now its just a matter of cutting, sanding, bondoing etc...

and make it fit to my collar, wich I am going to create next...

old plate.JPG

old plate 2.JPG

old plate 3.JPG

new plate.JPG

new plate 2.JPG

the future.JPG
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:) thnx Frank!! thnx guys!!! TDH lifts the spirit again!!!

done the collar out of plexiglas, the back is trash can.

they actually fit me pretty good, since I bend them both to fit me.. don't know if it looks strange or wrong, but that might be a result of my thinner than 2 thin body posture... :p

sorry for the blurry quick pix, but it's late here so...

back & collar.JPG

back & collar 2.JPG

back & collar 3.JPG
thnx 8)

yeah it's the same trash can, but ofcourse not from the dome section, but from the "can" itself.

it's not very thick so it's easily bend.

thnx again :D
WOW! :eek:
The backplate has to be the hardest piece to make yourself. Yours is turning out great. Thanks for posting pics so we can all see WHERE you made the cuts to make the thing take shape better. This is the first place I've seen evidence of a plastic backplate that is scratchbuilt and looks like it'll fit the back properly. (y)

Anytime there is a thread like this, asking for backplate help it usually ends up with a "give up and buy one" answer. No offense to anyone who's said that, because that is how I've felt too. R_boba_fett just showed us it can be done.........

.......and with a trash can!

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You are absolutely right Christo. That's the way I felt for a while. But then again, the $1700+ thqt mando sets are going for on eBay kinda turned me back to the "wait and show patience" idea.

R_boba_fett, thanks for showing us that even when you don't have the same access to material that we do here in the US, you can still make a killer set.

Keep up the good work!
:) whohow!!

thank you so so so so much!!

those are by far some of the best comments I have ever had!! :)

I'll post more as I go if you're interested look for my threads, I can now make another "ESB to ROTJ ***** coversion..." this time with "armor" at teh stars!! :D
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