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I'm usually a very quiet guy on the TDH and not a lurker. I have made some really great friends here and I hope I continue to do so.

About 4 months ago I was commissioned to complete a project for CK and ND (If they want to speak up I'll let them call out) to finish and complete a couple of Boba Fett helmets. I thought this would be a wonderful project to kick me in the rear and get mine going as well. I spent some time studying the colors and technique on the helmet and after a few phone calls to some good indusrty sources which helped me begin the research I was out of the chute and running. I sent a few test swatches to be checked out by ND and CK and they both picked the same color to use from a coded set of color swatches. I coded them so they could not compare colors and just give me an honest first best guess on color and they both picked the same one for the base color. It was some hard work.

I also decided to change a few parts of the helmet as well. These are going to have the proper key slot modifications I built and all metal ears and stalk (both are rebuilds and not recasts of others). The stalks are done and ears are in progress as well. I was assisited in redesigning a proper stalk as well and he's around here too.

It has been very hard keeping this whole project quiet but we felt it was time to come out with it. The helmet pictured(CK's) is nowhere near complete and there is still quite a bit of painting and weathering to go. I just started on the dent and it's a long ways away as you can see and the mandibles aren't even complete. The visor is just taped in since I'm waiting on more to arrive and this one is a beater with paint all over it. Chinstrap is a proto right now but I snapped it in anyway. Still need to install the little brass cheek piece too but I'll do that last I think or whenever it hits me LOL. Helmet presently is in like stage 3 of about a 10 stage process.

I have used my own paints/colors and techinique on this entire helmet. The helmet is darker in real life and is not a Pepto-green and the mandible color really does some wild stuff in different lighting it's actually more borwn than red.I wanted to share these with the TDH family and I'll be posting more in the future to keep everyone that is interested up to date.

Sorry the images aren't a little clearer but I just bought a new camera and I'm still going through learners curve.

Oh well here it is.


I added this in hopes of showing a better contrast of colors it was shot with my old camera used same colors as Uncle Joe.
Look at the real one it actually looks redder than mine in that pic but closer to what I have above. The pepto look comes from using a flash which is not used in my pic but is used on the real Fett on the right take care.
Hey Man awesome helmet. Got any info on dimensions. Is it the same size as the movie buckets? Looks great though.
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WOW! The color and the paint job look right on! Are we going to be let in on this secret, or will it be qept quite too? ;) It wouldn't come out of a spray can, would it? Your painting on the mandibles is FANTASTIC! I haven't seen anyone come so close! Good Job! :cheers
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I would love to be able to help out on the colors etc. but I am unable to disclose at this time. All colors are off the shelf no mixing/misting just straight paint.
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I haven't yet been able to do any comparisons, but right now it looks pretty convincing to me. Stage 3 'eh? Nice work! I'll be looking forward to seeing more :)
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Love the helmet. I hope you will be able to share those colors with us. Anyway here is a comparison shot.


Looks dead on to me. Keep up the great work.
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Thanks for all of the positive remarks it kind of keeps me going. If you guys want any more pics in different lighting let me know.
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Very Nice work! I am impressed and look forward to more details and the paint color choices! I'm working on a Helmet right now and need some direction color wise!
Keep the great work!!
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if you could get a pic with more light that would make the comparison pic a little better (color wise) but dang dude every freakin scratch matches up!!! Awesome work!!!
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I would also love to hear which colors and how to get them (if/when they're made known).

Unless you want to paint mine too ;)

I know I'm going to screw it up, can't find an exceptional painter who wants to paint it either :(

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Hey Journeyman! I could paint your helmet if you dare send it
to Norway that is;) PM me if you're interested:)
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That is a FABULOUS lookin' job dude. Hat's off to you.

I'm with JMP though . . . . so, umm .. . when WILL you be able to disclose the colours . . . ESPECIALLY if they're off the shelf . . . help a brother out? :)

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Nice work. The secretive nature really adds to the intrigue. Kinda like a spy game, need-to-know basis thing.

This message will self destruct in eight seconds
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Sorry I'm late!
C17LM - It looks FANTASTIC. I was not able to open the Photoshop photos that you sent so this is the first time I've seen the pics that you took with your new camera. It looks FABULOUS. It's been a real treat working with you on this. I feel like I've made true friends out of you and ND. I hope the frienship continues long after stage 10 of the paint job is complete. Already, this is without doubt the most accurately colored helmet that I've seen! Thanks so much for your amazing work on this!

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