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after scrutinizing the dallas's pics and asking some peoples, the attatchments for the of the arm, leg, bottle, football and mouse greebs seem to be all leather. Like they glued or screwed slotted pieces of leather to the greeblie, then tied the greeb to the belt/arm/leg using a leather strap. I thought metal clips were involved, but I didn't see any metal wire clips for the neck of the bottle at all. So, the only thing that doesn't seem to be attatched to the bodysuit by a leather strap is the moon shaped piece with the horseshoe and egg thingees and the >0< hose connectors. Anyone else notice the same?
Could the bottle greeblie be flattened in the back? Looking closely at a couple of DCB's pics, I do find the strap for it... but the bottle doesn't appear to be "round" to me... Maybe just flat enough to allow small clip or something where a strap could be attached to it?

The moon shaped pieces look to be attached by those wide black nylon straps, like as is used for luggage - all of it being attached to the chest armor piece.
the moon with the large circles ("padlocks") hanging off the sides and the small textured moon above it is on a nylon strap - which is glued to the back of the brown leather belly piece, which is wired to the hose connector >0< which is wired to the chest plates... Each flat armor piece has a piece of leather glued on the back of it. Here is my quick rendition of what the whole thing would look like from the back:
Quick rendition? :rolleyes :D

That's a great help for when I start to put that part of the costume together!

Thanks DCB!!! :D :D
I was looking at that stuff today, and I also realized that it looks like thin door hinges painted that connect the chestplating. Look at dsc04703 really close, it looks like they screwed it into a bottom sintra/styrene piece. I am thinking 7 pieces of chest plating. (2 pieces)Border with leather on each. (2 Pieces) Rt chest plating, upper piece with lettering and underpiece to connect hinges. (1 long piece) Hinge. (2Pieces) Left chestplating, Upper piece w/lettering, and underpiece.

zam i am wrote:

....(2 Pieces) Rt chest plating, upper piece with lettering and underpiece to connect hinges. (1 long piece) Hinge. (2Pieces) Left chestplating, Upper piece w/lettering, and underpiece.

what do you mean by this¿ The silver piece - w/ the lettering is one piece... and the sits on top of the leather piece- which is hinged to the other side of silver piece/leather piece.... 5 pieces total!

I believe the "leather border" piece - is on one big plate - that is the same as the silver plates -but has the wider edge - that the leather gets glued to.
Yep same thing as I was thinking... I just counted the cut "leather" as being two pieces too, and it is glued to the border which is attatched to the bigger fat pieces. So, we're on the same page.
Yep, I found it, I found it... I hope... :) :D I found it at a thrift store in the belt section though. Hope it's not too big.
looks both too big and too "decorative". Hers has straighter lines. We'll go to the saddle shop when you come her :) They carry a bunch. Or we'll hit the thrifts :D
Actually, it might be just right, I need to repaint the brass a little. I will bring it with me, but, the first pic is a further shot. I have a straight belt buckle too, and the top of the buckle shown above is definately curved and "decorative" in comparison. Dunno... we'll do a double check.
Excuse my ignorance, but I know nothing of metallergy. I just know resin casting. So, are you saying that real pic 1)just looks like metal that was bent rather than poured into a cast? Cause both have that curved look at the top.
yours looks flat - sculpted... hers looks like a rod that's bent into a square... does that make sense¿ either way - yours is way too big anyway and the closer looking ones aren't hard to find :)
Actually, mine is a tad big, mebbe a 1/4" but it has a roller, it's brass and pretty darned close to me, but I am biased cause I looked in 3 thrift stores for the last two weeks at bags and belts, and this is the closest I have found yet. I have another brass one that is just bent into a square and it's totally less accurate, cause the top part if you look at the lighting is curved.
Ok, this is the other buckle that I vote vote :D again! Is it the one with the <font color="#00FF00">Green tag? or the one with the <font color="#FF9900">Orange tag?


I thought it was the curved one, but hey, I could always be wrong.
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