Attaching the back of the jet pack?


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Attaching the back of the jetpack?

I have a question about attaching the back to the jet pack. I have a GA jet pack that they sent a sheet of sintra (I Think??) to put on the back. How can I heat this enough to curve it? I do not have a heat gun and I do not think a hairdryer is strong enough. It seems pretty thick.
You could lay the pack in the tub.
Turn on the hot water as hot as she can go.
Boil a big pot of water and then pour it over the sintra and then mold it to the curves.

Just an uniformed idea. I've never tried it. :)
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the minimum, make sure to preheat I had to do the same thing, cant remember for how long not untill its a goo mess, you want it to where you still have to bend it with your hands but not flexible enough to where it bends all around on its own.
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I had a piece of styrene shipped with my GA pack & I scrapped it for a piece of sintra. I epoxied some small wood blocks around the inside perimeter of the pack & screwed the back down, making sure all screw heads were countersunk. I didn't even need to heat the sintra for it to take shape. After that I sanded the back & bondo'd over the screw heads. Worked like a charm & the added weight of the wood blocks is negligible.
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Found out that it was styrene sheet that was sent. I tried heating it in the oven on wax paper and it gets soft real fast and hardens real fast. I kept haveing to try it over and over and wound up catching th wax paper on fire in the oven. I grabbed it and dropped it inthe sink. 2 Sheets caught on fire. It did conform to the shape of the back of the pack but not perfectly. I will continue to work on it.
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You could probably use the same method I did for the sintra. Like I said, I didn't even need to heat it for it to conform to shape.
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Ya, it does get soft fast, be careful. you should not have to heat it but once, just need to set up for it.

What i did was get a piece of construction paper (concaving it to fit the arch of the back plate best I could leaving a half inch for saftey all the way around can always trim to fit) flattened it out and cut the plastic into that shape then predrilled all the holes/straps in the syrene using the paper mold. Then I put it into the oven untill it got soft. I had my jet pack and backplate on the left and right side of the stove.

When I took it out I instantly took it and put it agianst the jet pack back lining it up and lacing the straps threw the back of the jet pack and the back plate. Dont try and attacth your straps to that syrene, screw some wood inside to attach them to. My first piece broke and I had to get another piece becuase it wont hold the weight you can seriously damage your pack. then I pushed the backplate down on top of it creating the arch strait from the backplate itself.

I left it for 5 minutes and went back took the backplate off and screwed the jetback on with screws dipped in goop. Then I welded it shut with crazy glue for plastics. I have not had any problems as of yet.
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