attaching Shin and Knee Armor on your Jango

Good Idea,
you can ad these invisible little zippers on the left and right seam of the flight suit.

That is exactly how my flight suit is set up. I have a zipper going from the bottom of the leg all the way up to just above the back of my knee joint. It makes it fairly easy to strap on the shin and knee armor.
I did get a few pictures. I have a demonstration for how I hook up the knee armor. I used JB Weld to fasten snaps on the inside of the of the knee armor. I then fastened snaps onto elastic, and fastened a buckle to the other end of the elastic. Here is what I've got ... I hope it helps.

This picture shows one of the slits in my jumpsuit as well as the zipper running down the back of my leg:

And this picture shows how I attach the knee armor. I feed the buckles on each end of the elastic through the slits, then connect both end of the buckles, and then zip the zipper to keep it hidden:
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