attaching my armor to the flak vest


I used snaps to attach my chest armor... the kind of snaps where you have to hammer the recieveing end of the snap into the vest. well, I thought I had placed the snap marks accurately, but when I put everything together, the chest pieces were very crooked...

how do I do this accurately as hammering these snaps is NOT an accurate proceedure


Jun Garros Fett

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TK409 has a nice snap tutorial on his web site. Used it on my vest.
It really helps a lot if you have somebody else help line everything up while you wear the vest.



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I printed temps out again, and drew the velcro on it, then cut that out and layed them on my vest, where I could pin the vlecro pieces on exactly as how they would be aplied to the armor pieces... I think you could do something simmilair with the snaps.


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What I did on mine is I put the vest on and showed my girlfriend where the peices needed to go, I had the male snaps on the armor alreday so I just put a dab of paint on the snaps and then she pressed them onto my chest where they needed to go. That left a small ring of paint where each snap went. Then I made the holes and put the female end on the vest. and BAM done.