Assembling FP Gauntlets help?


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I need help in assembling a pair of FP ROTJ Gauntlets.

1) How are the bottom halves attached to the top halves? Are they attached through velcro in some way? Or are they carefully cut & sized for permanent glueing and then I slip my arm through them?

2) What part do I use for the "tubes" in the flamethrower? Is there something I can purchase at a hardware store to use?

Also what do I use for that long tube that flows from the other gauntlet into the sleeve of the jumpsuit's arm?
On mine I used Velcro on both guants on both sides. Mine are a nice tight fit. I know some people glue one side and velcro the inner arm side. Which ever works best for you I suppose.

The tube I am using is a Faucet sprayer hose.

Hope this may help in some way lol

I glued mine on the outside and cut them perfect to leave a small overhang on the inside just like the originals.Mine are ESB and were styrene,so glueing them was a breeze.Hoses vary in use from 3/8" braided nylon hose which is stiff to the now discovered faucet hose which is also 3/8" hose I believe and is softer and more flexible.
The real gauntlets are glued solid on one side and velcroed on the other.
The left gauntlet is glued solid under the flame thrower and the right gauntlet is glued solid on the whip cord housing.

If you got the Fett CD, or the online Fett pics, all the info is in the pics.

You just gotta do a little searching,

BTW all this info you asking in your thread has been posted by me on my FP gauntlets, use the search option at the top, it is your friend.

If you glue one side and have it attach with velcro on the other side, is there a chance that the glued side might break if it is bent too much?
I used plastic weld epoxy on mine with an extra strip of styrene on the inside. I was worried about how strong the gauntlets would be as well, but they are really very tough, and as long as you clean the surfaces very well before you glue, and use clamps to hold the pieces in place as the epoxy cures, you shouldn't have a problem. You probably wouldn't want to try & open them waaaayyy up, but if its just enough so you can get your hand through, it should work fine. Its seems as if most of the strain that occurs when you open the gauntlets, is absorbed by the bottom half of the gaunt, ie..the area where you glue the halves together doesnt actually bend that much...(if that makes any sense???:)) Mine work pretty good with this set-up anyway:)

mcabrera1275 wrote:

Does anyone have pics of how theirs is attached?

My pics are in the threads I posted above.


I built mine with hinges that I bought at ACE hardware(well 1 hinge actually,I cut it with a chop saw) installed on the outer half & industrial strength Velcro on the inside half.That way ,I could open them up for easier application.The Velcro on the inner seam is easier to attatch.

Also check Lynn's thread post.
I used GOOP and pop-rivets on the outsides and velcro on the insides. Works like a charm. Keep in mind that this is for ROTJ Fett Gauntlets.
Can you PM me with some detail on how you built your styrene guantlets? No one seems to want to help me. I have all the parts but do not know what to use (glue, Epoxy, etc) to put the parts together. I don't care about how to attach the 2 shells but how to attached the side flame throwers and other samll pieces. The need to be attached better than just a pop rivet.
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